Fascinating Water-world in the earth

A tour in the house boat will really take you to the height of enjoyment and ecstasy. It will be an unforgettable experience in your life. The slow movement of the house boats, the gentle touch of the sweet breeze from the cool backwaters, mesmerizes you to an unmentionable excitement and happiness. It is an exotic feeling, so romantic, so thrilling, and so pulsating experience. The greenery, scenes of the villages, the boat jetties and passengers, the farmers and paddy fields, the coconut palms on either sides of the banks, all together make your trip most beautiful. On the whole you feel relaxed, calm and gentle as the backwaters.

Three Bedroom Glass Covered A/C Premium Houseboat

Three Bedroom houseboat One Bedroom houseboat Two Bedroom Houseboat Six Bedroom Houseboat

Cruise Time

Day Package
Check In : 11.30am
Check Out : 5.30pm

Over Night Package
Check In : 12.00pm
Check Out : 9.00am

A/C Timings

A/C On : On request (Paid)
Over Night Package
A/C On : 9.00pm
A/C Off : 6.00am

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